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An advertising campaign

Is always subject to budget, before the ideas, but with good ideas you can generate budget.

An advertising campaign is to, makeleader, give a message to your target audience, that is the most important thing before the offers and your services or products.

Define Objectives: the objective goes along with your main message that you want your business to identify with your company.

To make a new product known

To position your company and make it more popular

To increase your sales

To attract more visitors to your online or local store (and have them become potential customers)

To compete with other businesses that are taking away buyers and sales

Choose communication channels

Today there are more ways of communication than in previous years, where only the radio, TV, and the press were the most feasible means for your company to be known and recognized.

Makeleader will guide you, according to your audience, the best mix of communication channels, with our tools, to achieve leadership.

The Budget, We will present the best option for your business to be small or large has a good campaign to have mainly, customers.

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