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What is digital psychology?

These are recent studies that are implemented to open your client's mind, to identify your message and your offers based on







For a correct acceptance of its customers.

From the acquisition of the client, to the experience and retention of the user, we use digital psychology techniques such as social proof, effort, validation and reciprocity to increase registration, adherence and, ultimately, conversion. It is a powerful combination that in our own studies and tests, helps customer and user satisfaction, is very beneficial for any company that consistently seeks its growth based on the mind of its client

Purchases or adherence to your message can lead to:

Rational shopping, or emotional shopping

Rational Purchases It is understood as rational purchase that which is made after a previous planning and in which all the factors that make up that acquisition have been taken into account, such as the price, the quality, the need of the purchase, the advantages and disadvantages Of the same.

These are purchases that the user makes to use say artifacts, or services that help his daily life.

Emotional Shopping, the consumer purchase decision. According to the latest reports on buying behaviors, 75% of decisions are made unconsciously, influencing emotions in this process, our subconscious creates the feelings (emotions) that influence the decision action

They are purchases that the user makes to say it in simple terms, be fashionable, or buy the last smart phone that came out.

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