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We are an organization that supports small business in implementing plans to market products or services, with communication strategies, with campaigns to launch new ventures, advising on ways and strategies

We already said them some months

ago Youtube, instagram, Twitter,

is taking out or blocking

some accounts that have many subscribers and likes. These social networks are doing this to protect their own investment and advertising investment that does not reach ghosts, and those programs and sites that "MANUFACTURE LIKES AND SUBSCRIBERS".

A good management of networks

and people trained as makeleaders can guide you so that you have presence everywhere and not focus on a single channel for their subscribers and likes.

Our creative communication strategies will help you increase your audience reasonably and safely.


The importance of reaching the mind of a client

are various forms of communication and various strategies that must be taken so that your client can capture your brand image.

A good advice

with various forms of creative strategies that help you enter the mind with various forms and tools.

We have creative professionals

understand the perception of each market so that its specific characteristics of the product and its consumer, we can be leaders together, as well as a high orientation towards the brand and its perception.


Most business owners and entrepreneurs still do not understand that social media are channels to go to your physical business and mainly to take your website and thus have a flow of visits and is main if your 

company sells products of any kind, although facebook already has tools to put some products on your platform but the main reason for social media is to be a bridge for your new and your customers to go to your physical or virtual office.

The main reason for the website is to give extensive information and its scheme depends on the business, each business has its own communication strategy, makeleader has different strategies for your business, the most important thing is to have a good media plan.

Makeleader gives you complete advice on all faces that is required, take advantage of technology now is necessary to be Leaders Together with our Creativity.


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Penetration testing is the methodology of professionally attempting to break in to an organisation's computer systems


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